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J'ai parié pour les autres

Parions Sport

J'ai parié pour les autres








Fary x Casa De Papel

Le Grand Journal

Le coeur des roms

le grand journal

wolverine 3, les griffes de l'ennui

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adidas boss

lassant diapra - l'interview

Sovage is a production company working on commercials and music videos.

Sovage represents talented and experienced directors from Europe and the US. Willy Morencé and Franck Annese have at least 15 years of experience in the ad industry. Sovage's DNA resides in its cratfsmen approach to video production, the enhancement of scripts and the satisfaction of clients and directors. Sovage is part of a recognized and award-winning media conglomerate called So Press, comprising several famous magazines (such as Society and So Foot), websites, a record company, a book publisher and a brand content production company.